Geograd Election Results!

The elections are over and thank you very much to the 54 geograds that voted and a special thanks to all the nominees and nominators!
The following are the election results:
Co President (Joining Sarah Peirce) - Danny Bednar 
International Student Liasons – May Ung and Lydia Osei 
SOGS Representatives – Amber Gall, Martin Lefebvre and Kevin Vuong  
GTA Representatives – Alexandra Bozheva and Sarah Levine 
Social Committee Execs – Jonathan Raikes and Chad Walker 
Orientation Committee – Amber Gall, Mark McGregor, Christine Mitchell, Jonathan Raikes and Chad Walker. 
As for the remaining positions that did not require an election:
Secretary – Sarah Mason
Treasurer – Niyomi Khalid 
Graduate Affairs Committee – Cindy Graeme
Appointments Committee – Wes Kinghorn and Fatih Sekercioglu
Website Committee – Chris Hewitt and James Kennedy 
Speaker Series - Wes Kinghorn 
Christmas Orals – Kayla Baumgartner and Marty Lefebvre 
Wellness Committee – Danny Bednar and Sarah McCans 
Research Committee – Chad Walker and Sarah McCans 
Sustainability Officer – Amber Gall 
Space Committee – Danny Bednar and Sarah Mason
Congratulations to everyone and thank you to everyone who voted!
We are also excited to announce that the Geograd Committee will be holding regular meetings starting in the fall ! We will post a schedule of meetings by September and the minutes of each meeting will also be posted on the Geograd website for any student unable to attend.

Bowling Night!

Upon the suggestion of a fellow colleague of yours, we are having yet another social event next FRIDAY THE 30th @ The Palasad North (Oxford and Adelaide; to go bowling.
The plan is to meet at the there at 6:45 to bowl at 7. This will not be covered/paid for by the social committee but there is a deal of $35/lane/hour (plus the cost of rental shoes)
As an added bonus, a group from Anthropology (and perhaps Sociology?) are coming as well. This will be a great time to meet new people who work just above us (literally, not research quality of course)…
Some of us will inevitably move downtown for further fellowship after bowling. Significant others/better halfs and or friends are more than welcome to join.

Wellness Committee – Post 5

Make sure to sort properly…she bites.IMG_2462

Thanks to all who donated to the Great Lakes Geographers and our Mother’s Day Walk Against Ovarian Cancer. As a team we raised $1208. The Event as a whole raised over $185,000.

Walk against Ovarian Cancer

A few summer resources:

Friday Zumba at UWO with Angelica

ZumbaSome of you may already know that Angelica, our friendly front office Undergrad Administrator, is a wonderful Zumba instructor and offers a class every Friday at 12:00 Noon from now until the end of June.

The class takes place in Thames Hall, Room 4185. I know a few people have been going from the department and really enjoying it, so feel free to join. For more information you contact the always friendly Agelica Lucaci by email (, or just pop into her office.

Tuesday Meditation (and other Classes) at UWO

Among other great resources, the UWO Student Development Centre provides a Mindfulness and Meditation class every Tuesday at 10:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. The class is drop-in and free, you just wait around the elevators out front of SDC (fourth floor of Western Student Services building) before 10:00 and the instructor takes the group into the meditation room.

See the full schedule of SDC Summer Services HERE.

 Local CMHA Training Opportunities

CMHA LogoThe Canadian Mental Health Association London-Middlesex Branch also has some great summer services. One of them is THIS Mental Health First Aid Basic Course. Now unfortunately it costs 150 bucks, but it might be a worthy investment for those hoping to go into the education sector.

Along the same lines, but a little different, the CMHA also offers THIS Family Psycho-Education Course aimed at helping family members who have come into a caregiver role deal with, and better understand, the stress that can come with these new identities.

 Giving Blood is Cool

blood drop cartoonSo usually National blood Donor Week is sometime in June, generally there will be donation stations set-up around campus. As a heads up you could sign up for updates from Canadian Blood Services HERE.

If you are on the mailing list you will get plenty of heads up to think about an upcoming event and decide that you would like to/are ready to donate blood.

For those, like me, who are curious as to what it’s like to donate for the first time, HERE is the American Red Cross’ helpful page on the question.

 Initiative 10 – Open Call for Comments on the Wellness Committee

hands upShortly, an email will go out to all Geograds asking for comments and feedback on graduate student wellness issues that they would like put into the Wellness Committee initiatives for next year.

This will be followed up be a meeting of the Wellness Committee to discuss next year.

If you are actually reading this before that email goes out feel free to email me at

Mental Illness Kayfabe

Wellness Committee Post #4


uwo springAt least lets hope so, if it is indeed spring you need to watch this (or click on picture):

Get OOt

Initiative 7 – Charity Hockey Pool

You may have noticed an email or two aboot a charity NHL playoff bracket pool to raise money for Kids Help Phone. For more details check your inbox; the gist of it is that you pay $5 to enter your bracket predictions, 50% of proceeds go to the winner with the most correct bracket, while 50% will be donated to Kids Help Phone.

Initiative 8 – Setting Up Next Year

The Committee will be meeting sometime before everyone leaves in order to shore up the schedule for the committee for next year. We will post the schedule once it is finalized, it will include which initiatives will be occurring each month, these will also need to be coordinated with the social committee and the research committee so that they make sense with the general efforts of the Geograds.

Initiative 9 – Year End Gathering

Ideally I’d like to set up some sort of year end event, though given schedules, this may be limited to on campus gather to discuss next year.

See Post 5, and initiative 10, for more.

That’s all for now


Boler “Mountain” offers a thrilling winter experience…Tubing! On Thursday’s it is “cheap” night for tubing, the cost is $14 (plus tax) for 2 hours of tubing excitement.
Hope to see you all there!
Yours truly,
The Social Committee