Geograd Clothing

Hey Everyone!

We want to know if you would be interested in purchasing Geograd Clothing! If you want to buy clothing but don’t like the options below, vote ‘Other’ and leave a comment. Cost of clothing will depend on what we order, and there will be a discount for those who have paid their Geograd fees.

Speaker Series Needs Volunteers!

Our department hosts a series of seminars allowing students and professors, from Western and around the world, to share research and knowledge related to geography. All graduate students are expected to attend speaker series events to show support for our wonderful presenters.

We provide Fair Trade coffee and light snacks at speaker series and are looking for volunteers to help set-up and clean up before and after the talk. If you are available to help please e-mail Wes Kinghorn (


For more information and the upcoming schedule please check out the website:

The first event is the Masters Slide Show on September 19, 2014 at 2pm, SSC 1059