Geograd 2015 Election and New Executives

Hi all

The Geograd Elections are now complete!

The following people have been elected to serve as committee heads from September 2015, to September 1st, 2016.




Remaining – Danny Bednar (to be replaced for Jan 1, 2016)

Incoming – Meghan McMorris (to be replaced for July 1st (2016)

Treasurer – Sarah Mason

Social Committee – Chad Walker, Kayla Baumgartner, Meghan McMorris

International Student RepresentativesLydia Osei, Chunhua Liao

Wellness & Sustainability Organizer – Meghan McMorris

Research Committee – Sierra Vercillo


Speaker Series – Sierra Vercillo, Anna Waz, Danielle Barr , Roger Antabe

Graduate Affairs Committee – Sarah Mason

Space Committee – Wes Kinghorn

Appointments Committee – Wes Kinghorn, Sarah Peirce


Union (PSAC) Representative – Heather Peacock, Michael Allen (appointed September 2015)

SOGS Representatives – Martin Lefebvre, Emily Lipkowski, Roger Antabe


About geograds2013

Hello and welcome to the Geograd Society website. Geography at Western is one of the largest geography departments in Canada and our Graduate Students' research interests span many sub-fields of geography. Look around the site and if you have any questions about activities, research, or social outings, feel free to contact the particular Executive heads or co-presidents. Chad Walker and Sarah Mason, GeoGrad Society Co-Presidents 2013.
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