2015-2016 GeoGrad Calendar is Ready!

Hi all

Our calendar for the year is complete.

Things can change from time to time, or events may be added, so check back regularly for new versions.

September 2015 Sked

Download PDF – 2015-2016 GeoGrad Calendar

Download Excel – 2015-2016 GeoGrad Calendar

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T-Minus 14 Days……

Hi Grads, two weeks until classes begin.

western fall

Before that happens, the society of graduate students in the geography department (GeoGrads) and the Department have a few plans.

The Orientation 2016 Schedule is up now, for incoming students, things get started on September 7th (see link).

The full schedule of events for all GeoGrads will be posted at the end of this week.

As an early primer, enjoy this wonderful organizational chart of the GeoGrads (also see ‘About us’).


Organizational Chart

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Research Committee Workshop Poll

Hi Everyone,
This is an opportunity for you to vote on topics for the upcoming workshops during the 2015-2016 academic year.
Please vote here and we will coordinate the sessions that have received the most number of votes and let you know in advance when the workshops will take place.

If you have any specific feedback or recommendations outside of the poll, please send it to the Research Committee head – Siera (svercill@uwo.ca)

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Geograd 2015 Election and New Executives

Hi all

The Geograd Elections are now complete!

The following people have been elected to serve as committee heads from September 2015, to September 1st, 2016.




Remaining – Danny Bednar (to be replaced for Jan 1, 2016)

Incoming – Meghan McMorris (to be replaced for July 1st (2016)

Treasurer – Sarah Mason

Social Committee – Chad Walker, Kayla Baumgartner, Meghan McMorris

International Student RepresentativesLydia Osei, Chunhua Liao

Wellness & Sustainability Organizer – Meghan McMorris

Research Committee – Sierra Vercillo


Speaker Series – Sierra Vercillo, Anna Waz, Danielle Barr , Roger Antabe

Graduate Affairs Committee – Sarah Mason

Space Committee – Wes Kinghorn

Appointments Committee – Wes Kinghorn, Sarah Peirce


Union (PSAC) Representative – Heather Peacock, Michael Allen (appointed September 2015)

SOGS Representatives – Martin Lefebvre, Emily Lipkowski, Roger Antabe

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