About Us

Geograds Executive 2016-2017

Co-Presidents – Lydia Osei and Katherine Schieman
Social Committee – Michael Allen, Julia Howett, Sarah Cappuccitti, Joseph Braimah
Speaker Series Organizers – Catherine DuBreck, Danielle Barr, Siera Vercillo, Hongyu Zhang
Research Committee – Rebecca Doyle
Graduate Affairs Committee – Sarah Mason (Sept 2015- April 2017), Grant Morin (Sept 2016- April 2018)
PSAC 610 Reps – Michael Allen, Martin Lefebvre
SOGS Rep –  Martin Lefebvre, Jemima Baada
Treasurer – Sarah Mason
International Student Liaison – Kilian Atuoye, Lucia Hussey
Appointments Committee – Sarah Mason, Siera Vercillo
Space Committee – Evan Cleave
Wellness & Sustainability Committee – Suzanne Tillmann

For e-mails: Current Students List

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