GeoGrad Dinner & A Movie

birdman marquee

As planned, tomorrow (March 10th) will be GeoGrad Dinner & A Movie Night for only $12.99!!!

We Will be seeing this years Oscar Winner for Best Picture…Birdman


Who: All GeoGrads and partners are invited

What/Where: Dinner at the Wave, then go see Birdman next door at the Campus Movie Theater

When: Meet in front of the Geography Main Office at 5:30, walk to Wave, eat dinner, Movie starts at 7:00

Dinner Special at the Wave is $12.99 and includes a free movie ticket, below is the menu for the special.


Please RSVP to if you plan on coming.





Poker Roundup & Thanks

LLS_logo_FNLPoker Hand

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 1st Annual GeoGrad Charity Poker Game.

The event was a huge success (16 participants and 25 people in attendance), everyone had a ton of fun and we look forward to making it bigger next year.

poker smaller 3

In total we raised $405 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada.

poker final 3 with caption

Here are all the winners

Draw Prize Winners: James (LLS Swag Bag), Meghan (LLS Hoodie), Evan ($25 @ LCBO), Shirley (Cooke Jar), Alexandra (Red Wings Hoodie&Shirt), Steve (Mens Haircut).

Consolation Prize Winners: Amber, Meghan, Cassie (Canadian Blood Services Swag).

Tournament Winners:

3rd Place: Evan Cleave – UWO Geography Sweater

2nd Place: Shirley Ngai – Junction Climbing Gym Passes and Gift Bag

1st Place: Ole Pagh-Schlegel – $50 @ Ale House London

Poker winner with caption

Seeking Volunteers for Sociology Study on Graduate Student Wellness

Dear Geography Graduate Students,

As a graduate student, you belong to a diverse group that varies by race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, disability, social class.  Some of you have children, some are from out of province and many are from outside of Canada.  You are in a variety of programs – Professional; Research; Masters; PhD; and you represent a range of diverse disciplines.

Your health and wellness is a priority for Western, and for the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS), in particular.  It is important to us to capture the voices of our diverse graduate student community. 

Would you be willing to participate in a focus group that will explore graduate student ideas about health and experiences of health and wellness on campus?  If you have any questions, and/or would like to participate please contact Michael Rooyakkers at .

The focus group is expected to be about an hour or so, and pizza, Mulligatawny soup (vegan & gluten free) and refreshments will be served around 11:30.  We will also reimburse parking.

Thank you,

Lorraine and Michael

Letter of Information – Grad Health Focus Groups (1)

Recruitment Poster FINAL – Grad Health Focus Groups (1)

Winter 2015 GeoGrad Schedule

Calendar Image

The Calendar is ready and finalized (though subject to slight changes if necessary)

January 9 – Dinner & Billiards (6:30pm, Alibi Roadhouse)
January 15 – Mental Health Awareness Breakfast (9:00-10:30am, SSC 2240)
January 22 – GeoGrad Meeting (3:30-4:30pm, SSC 2020)
January 22 – Skating @ Victoria Park (7:00pm, Victoria Park)
January 28 – Research Issues Potluck (7:00pm, Sarah McCans’)
January 29- Mustangs Hockey Game (Time 7:00pm, Thompson Arena)

February 8 – Tubing @ Boler Mountain (3:00, Boler Mountain)
February 12 – Charity Poker Game (7:00pm, 50 Garfield)
February 13 – Chinese New Year Party (2:00pm, SSC 2240)

March 5 – Geograd Meeting (3:30-4:30pm, Location SSC 2020)
March 10 – Dinner & Movie (5:30pm, The Wave/Western Film)

March 24 – Wellness Breakfast (9:00 – 10:30, SSC 2240)
March 26 – Research Issues Potluck (7:00pm-10:00, Location TBA)

April – Charity NHL Playoff Pool for the Kids
April 5 – Easter Orphans Dinner (Time TBA, Location TBA)
April 26 – Mini Golf, Driving Range (3:30pm, Tin Cup)

May 10 – Run Against Ovarian Cancer (8:00am, Springbank Gardens)
May 29-31 – Annual GeoGrad Camping Wind-Up (Pinery Provincial Park)

June 14 – Sports Day in the Park (1:00 – 6:00pm, Harris Park)

Geograd Election Results!

The elections are over and thank you very much to the 54 geograds that voted and a special thanks to all the nominees and nominators!
The following are the election results:
Co President (Joining Sarah Peirce) - Danny Bednar 
International Student Liasons – May Ung and Lydia Osei 
SOGS Representatives – Amber Gall, Martin Lefebvre and Kevin Vuong  
GTA Representatives – Alexandra Bozheva and Sarah Levine 
Social Committee Execs – Jonathan Raikes and Chad Walker 
Orientation Committee – Amber Gall, Mark McGregor, Christine Mitchell, Jonathan Raikes and Chad Walker. 
As for the remaining positions that did not require an election:
Secretary – Sarah Mason
Treasurer – Niyomi Khalid 
Graduate Affairs Committee – Cindy Graeme
Appointments Committee – Wes Kinghorn and Fatih Sekercioglu
Website Committee – Chris Hewitt and James Kennedy 
Speaker Series - Wes Kinghorn 
Christmas Orals – Kayla Baumgartner and Marty Lefebvre 
Wellness Committee – Danny Bednar and Sarah McCans 
Research Committee – Chad Walker and Sarah McCans 
Sustainability Officer – Amber Gall 
Space Committee – Danny Bednar and Sarah Mason
Congratulations to everyone and thank you to everyone who voted!
We are also excited to announce that the Geograd Committee will be holding regular meetings starting in the fall ! We will post a schedule of meetings by September and the minutes of each meeting will also be posted on the Geograd website for any student unable to attend.