Graduate Affairs (GAC)

Updates from GAC

Updates from the November 11, 2014 meeting:

  1. In the past, PhD students presented their research to the department during a 45 minute colloquium as part of the program requirements. This milestone was dropped by the department in 2012, but the department has been looking for an alternative. Based on feedback from students and council, the solution has taken the form of the Geography Fall Student Conference. This departmental conference is an official program requirement effective September 2014, although the first conference will be held during the fall break in October 30, 2015. For information, students can see the departmental website:
  2.  Graduate students are invited to a  pizza and pop lunch on Thursday December 4, 11am-12:30pm. The idea is to get the grad student community together and discuss the program (how are courses going? research? writing? TAships?) and about any questions and issues you may have.
Thank you!

Past Meetings

Comments from September 16, 2014

  1. Time management – students should be well on their way to having courses picked and talking to professors about their TA responsibilities
  2. Supervisors – Students should be meeting with their supervisors now to discuss thesis topics and outline expectations
  3. Point of clarification – the supervisor (in discussion with the student) leads the process of forming the thesis committee, comps committee and examination committee. Additionally, the supervisor, along with the supervisory committee,  leads the development of the comps readings list and associated ‘terms of reference’.

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